The rare business path of less hustle, and more life.

Let me guess. You started your business because you wanted freedom?

Freedom to make money using your real talents. Work from anywhere. Call the shots. Feel fulfilled. Enjoy your life and the people you love more.

So you studied the business courses, built your website, and your dream took flight.

But instead of freedom, you realized slowly (and sinkling-ly) that you’re actually trapped.

Your fantasies of speaking to big audiences, a huge Instagram following, and casual afternoons working from coffee shops have taken a backseat. Never-ending to-do lists, launch cycles, and credit card debt seem to control your days, and you’re starting to worry there’s no way out.

You wonder: Maybe that’s just entrepreneurship? Maybe #GirlBoss (or dapper boss) or Crushing-It-CEO is synonymous with exhausted, anxious, hustler for life?


If you can empathize, here’s a new story:

There is a way out. I couldn’t find it taught anywhere, so I’ve carved it out for myself. An imperfect journey – but wildly different enough that people notice. “You’re a different person than you were six months ago” they say. And I feel it. Peaceful mornings. More calm in the storm. A better leader. More daily joy. I’m hustling less, and living more. You may have mastered the basics of business, now it’s time for the balance. Because you want to be more than a successful founder, executive, and entrepreneur. You want to be successful at your life. That’s what I’m here to help you do. Together. Today.

You do not have to choose between a life of accomplishment and adventure, or one with white space and deep relationship.

You are called to both. Let me show you how …

Elegant Excellence is a belief system rooted in savvy action. A fundamental shift in how we approach our business and our life as creative entrepreneurs.

In 4 weeks, we’ll lay a new foundation for the way you work and live.

This is not a “How to start a business course”. Whether you’re about to launch or ten years into your successful venture, we sink into the foundation of your head and heart — how to shift your mindset, prioritize, lead with grace, stop chasing and start choosing those things you want to be and feel.

Together, we’ll explore the art and science of spacious business.

This isn’t a feel-good fluff course. We get into the technical nitty gritty. I teach launch equations, financial breakdowns, and bring in an all-star lineup of experts on everything from managing your team to next level launches. You’ll get action steps, detailed game plans, and a community of whip smart make-it-happen colleagues and experts.

It’s time to stop waiting for things to get easier, and start intentionally creating ease.

There’s no “magical tipping point” that will suddenly make running a business less stressful. Some of the biggest industry names I know are still struggling with staff turnover, credit card debt, and exhaustion.

That’s why Elegant Excellence is my commitment to discover, model and teach a better way. It’s your invitation to both a vocation that fulfills and inspires you, and a life that prioritizes breathing room, relationships, health and your joy.

These are the lessons that changed my life – all while growing my revenue by 500% in 2015.

While my journey is far from finished, Elegant Excellence is completely transforming the way I work and live. I’ve learned how to make space for joy and adventure, including a recent 4 month sabbatical across Europe last summer. How to prioritize being present for the people in my life, and staying happy and grounded amidst the inevitable storms of business.

It’s all shifted. And it continues to change everything.

I promise, you can create this life too. But you must take action.

I want to turn everything I’ve learned and implemented over into your hands, so you can stop dragging yourself through your deadlines, your launches, your days.

All you have to do is say yes.

Stop feeling enslaved to the business you started. It’s time to make freedom your real story behind the scenes.

What Our BRILLIANT Elegant Excellence Alums Say:

Tripling my revenue and taking a vacation

My business is projected to triple its revenue over last year. My husband quit to start working with me. I’m going on a European retreat and scaling back this year. PIus I finally hired fulfillment to do my dirty work while I’m taking a vacation. #winning IRINA HUBBARD | DESIGNER | CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA
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Elegant Excellence has saved my life. Not "changed". Saved.

In early February, I ended up in the hospital a third time for what the doctors thought was me creating an onset of Crohn’s disease INDUCED BY WORK STRESS AND NOT SLEEPING. I am so lucky that it wasn’t Crohn’s — turned out to just be my appendix getting inflamed again. Oh, and we hit $1M in sales. I left the hospital my doctor said “You are going to kill yourself if you do not change your habits. I am not joking”. I was like “Sh*t. I need to do something.” But how? Elegant Excellence has saved my life. Not "changed". Saved. 

I bought ElEx when I was desperate for a change. Desperate to feel less insane and stressed. Desperate to do less. Desperate to take care of myself for once. I dove into the course. Watched every video. Did every worksheet. It was my lifeline. I was determined to not end up in the ER again. To learn how to start changing. Since then, my life has completely changed. It’s taken a few months for everything to REALLY sink in.

What’s crazy is our business has EXPLODED. I mean, we were already doing amazing. Truly. But it’s just picked up so much ease and momentum. It’s incredible to me. I work so much less, we make so much more, and everything feels so different. I no longer panic. I don’t freak out at my boyfriend. I feel like a real CEO. ElEx saved my life. I’ll be implementing and learning from it for years to come. I go back to it all the time. Thank you Hilary Rushford.


Thanks to Hilary, I’ve been able to take my first vacation in 5 years

Going through ElEx, I was surprised how much I didn't know about myself. I started my business at 21 and never really took the time to stop and look inward. I just kept running in circles with no end in sight. ElEx helped me understand how I work best with other people and also what works best for our team. Thanks to Hilary, I’ve been able to take my first vacation in 5 years, I always sleep 8 hours a night, and I'm okay asking for help.


ElEx affirmed who I am, has provided a community of fellow entrepreneurs to communicate with and tools to help me do the thing I've been called to do

Going through ElEx with Hilary reminded me that I was indeed truly divinely designed, and that there is no shame in wanting something different than the 9-5. ElEx affirmed who I am, has provided a community of fellow entrepreneurs to communicate with and tools to help me do the thing I've been called to do  — use my gifts to give back. I feel better equipped and certainly more knowledgeable to finally take the leap to pursue what's been on my heart.


ElEx helped me feel free and okay not to put so much pressure on myself.

When the wholesale component of my handmade products biz started blooming in 2013, I was convinced I could do everything myself and I wasn't ready or willing to outsource. I became completely burned out. I also happened to get pregnant. I spent a year and a half raising my son, floating by on my biz with money I had saved up. Going through ElEx helped me feel free and okay not to put so much pressure on myself. Just stopping to take note of what success really meant to me was game changing.


I was looking at my business as a job

While taking ElEx, I begun to understand that I was looking at my business as a job and not a purpose filling work.


Thanks to Hilary I now look for what gives me the biggest return time-wise, mentally, and financially — and this made all the difference in the world.

Prior to ElEx I was overwhelmed, stayed up late and worked tons of hours without making much progress. I have a toddler and I was not fully present because I was so tired. It was awful. Taking Elegant Excellence was a game changer! I changed my business focus and model. I now work about 2 hours a day instead of 6 hours after my child goes to sleep. I moved my travel blog to Instagram, I started making mini-trainings for my fellow coaches, and I got 3 new clients after cutting my hours! Thanks to Hilary I now look for what gives me the biggest return time-wise, mentally, and financially — and this made all the difference in the world. I feel free now! I’m so excited to continue putting this into practice.


ElEx gave me permission to take more time for exploration.

I was in my second year of business, seeing an increase in sales, getting overwhelmed by many small orders. Plus, I'm a homeschooling mom of 8 and I never really a chance to take a break. ElEx gave me permission to take more time for exploration. Taking a hard look at my priorities was just what I needed. I am now taking more time for my family and for self care... more time for life. I am feeling so blissful lately!


What’s inside Elegant Excellence?

In-depth video classes with moi, spread throughout four chapters and weeks
Beautiful printable worksheets to help you make big shifts in the best ways for you
Live calls with Hilary each week to ask your Q’s and go deeper on the teaching with her most recent lessons and applications
An online community to connect with one another throughout and beyond
24/7 lifetime access to our comprehensive membership site where you can press play on your own schedule

Week 1 / Chapter 1: YOUR FOUNDATION

I believe you started a business to help other people … but you have to put your oxygen mask on first. The Foundation dives deep into who you are, what you want, your strengths, and making aligned decisions all along the way from one year out, to three, ten, and beyond. Unlike most courses, we don’t begin with your business model. We begin with you. Because if your business is not set up to be uniquely sustainable for you, it will always be a struggle.

Week 2 / Chapter 2: YOUR FREEDOM

Now that we’re clear on your vision, we move into action, with micro habit shifts that make a huge macro impact on your life. We’ll talk essentialism, overcoming overwhelm, breaking our habit cycles, and making our freedom a true reality. Your beliefs beget your behavior. And I promise you can change both, even after years of being stuck thinking or acting a certain way, more readily than you imagine. [I experienced some huge breakthroughs this summer on sabbatical I can’t wait to share with you as inspiration and examples.]

Week 3 / Chapter 3: YOUR FIRE

Once we’re clear on where we’re headed and why, we can move onto the how — as in how to craft a profitable business to support your life and goals. I get incredibly honest pulling back the curtain to share my own profit pies over the years, breaking down my expenses, my launch maps, my systems, the two shifts that made such a difference for me, and more.

Week 4 / Chapter 4: YOUR FRATERNITY

Finally, we know it takes a village — both internally with employees, leadership and management, and externally with coaches, experts and support systems. It’s impossible to go it alone, yet human relationships can also feel impossibly complicated! I share vulnerably about this most challenging aspect of business for myself and many of my peers, as we talk behind closed doors about what it really means to be a CEO.

Wait, wait … there’s more!

BONUS #1 | Dean Street Society Virtual Retreat
Value $297

Summer 2017

Two days of curated content, dynamic teachers, space to rest and play.

Join or start a local meet-up in our private group, open up your lake house or gather at a boutique hotel downtown — with one or a few Elegant Excellence students located near you. (Or travel to a hotel or AirBnB of your choice, anywhere in the world!)

Then tune in daily, online, for community, time to create, play, and rest. It’s a virtual retreat complete with live teaching from Hilary and a carefully curated coterie of brilliant guest teachers. This year’s line-up will be unveiled in late spring, meanwhile, here’s a look-back at the caliber of speakers in 2016 (you also receive all 6 of these classes. 12 total. FREE!):

<b>Sean Malarkey</b> Founder of Inspired Marketing

"Living the Money Pillow"

<b>Anne Samoilov</b> Fearless Launching

"Behind the Scenes Business BFFs"

<b>Jen Kem</b> Creator of Master Brand

"Making A Boss, A Brand, Bank + Babies"

<b>Hilary Rushford</b> Founder of Dean Street Society

"Harry Potter + the Secret to Happiness"

You get recordings of these gems, too!

<b>Matthew Kimbereley</b> Founder of School for Selling

"Lone Wolves + Rat Packs"

<b>Kristen Bates </b> Kristen J Bates & Associates

"Leading + What Humans Want"

BONUS #2 | Weekly Guest Experts Inside Elegant Excellence
Value $147

Alongside Hilary’s video teaching, hear from one of her trusted experts inside each module:
<b>Kristen Bates </b> Kristen J Bates & Associates

Your MBTI as a CEO & Onboarding 101

<b>Whitney English</b> Creator of The Day Designer

Overcoming Overwhelm

<b>Nicole Walters</b> Monetize Thyself

A-Lister Money Secrets

<b>Greg McKeown</b> Author of Essentialism

Essentialism 2.0

BONUS #3 | Class materials at your front door!
Value $50

The moment you join we’ll pop your home address on a package containing our two class textbooks (two of Hilary’s favorite must-reads) headed your way.


How do I access the course materials?
As a part of your membership you’ll receive 24/7 access to our Elegant Excellence membership site. Each week video classes and stylish printable worksheets will be unlocked. You can press play anytime that’s best for you, and come back to the content anytime. It will never expire, only be locked during the next live session to roll out, so you can always revisit it.
How present is Hilary throughout the course?
Each week you’ll be invited to live calls with Hilary to ask Q’s and hear deeper updated teaching on that week’s module. Plus our retreat where Hilary will be teaching both days and present with some of our guest experts.
Is Elegant Excellence right for me?
Are you looking for that one class that solves every problem in business? Teaching you how to grow your list and file your taxes and market on Pinterest and find a business coach? This class is not for you. The #1 missed expectation I find in any course, is people who want a one-stop solution for everything. If one course or person promises to be an expert in every area of business, run! Are you looking for a Cinderella story? A Ted Talk worthy overnight “everything clicked” moment where you never struggle again? This class is not for you. The #2 missed expectation with any class, is thinking anyone can make deep change feel effortless. What this class DOES do is begin a lifelong journey to a foundation that makes your business sustainable. It isn’t necessarily glamorous or loud. It’s the subtle shifts that suddenly have the people in your life saying “You seem happier than you were six months ago …” It’s the foundation we all need whether you’re about to launch or are ten years in — it’s neither merely beginning nor advanced business, but advanced life. Having said that, we see the biggest changes in our alums who’ve been in business for a few years. Of course, because they’ve already been experience pain, and they get relief; they’ve been stuck and they start to see movement. However, if you’re just starting out, I have struggled through a lot in the last five years that I believe I could have been spared from if I had this teaching from day one. So your shifts may not be from drowning to breathing, but your story be one that involves less exhaustion and pain from day one. If the word “hustle” makes you feel tired. If you desire a life, days, with more white space. And you’re a business owner. Welcome. This is for you.
Is there a refund policy?
Yes, if Elegant Excellence doesn’t prove to be right for you right now, we’re happy to offer you a refund within 14 days of class starting, making it risk free for you to say yes today.

Hear even MORE from our Elegant Excellence Alums:

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I wanted to take a step back and lay a better foundation through Elegant Excellence.

Living the double life — employee by day, entrepreneur by night. I was feeling pulled in a million directions only 6 months into my business. I wanted to take a step back and lay a better foundation through Elegant Excellence. I started to give myself more white space, more breathing room. I let go of saying yes to everything and started to make more time for what really mattered. Elegant Excellence is such a beautiful reminder that we started our businesses for more freedom. This course helps those who have lost sight of that and need to rediscover that desire again.


ElEx gave me courage and strength to make the decision to walk away from corporate environment and begin my own business.

Before and during ElEx I had a full-time job as executive in corporate environment and had no life. I was frustrated working 24/7, feeling completely defeated. ElEx gave me courage and strength to make the decision to walk away from corporate environment and begin my own business. ElEx showed me what I was capable of and I’m so grateful for having the freedom to say no, to take time off, to have balance and plan for white space daily and weekly.


I allow myself to focus on the pieces of my business that are in line with my vision and profit.

As a result of working with Hilary inside ElEx, I went from working 6 days a week, lots of stress, fear and panic to now, where I allow myself to focus on the pieces of my business that are in line with my vision and profit.


I’m on track to triple my revenue!

After realizing that I wasn’t prioritizing what needed to happen vs what I felt I had to do, I’m on track to triple my revenue! Hilary opened my mind to the idea that I needed to really live how I wanted my business to feel and not just hope one day that I would get there. Elegant excellence and grace can exist in your business and it doesn’t have to feel like a pipe dream to get the creative space you need. I’m a true testament to that!


Empowered. More confident. More patient that it will take time, but that I CAN do this.

Empowered. More confident. More patient that it will take time, but that I CAN do this. I began to see my business as a series of steps, possible outsourcing — creating a team structure — instead of all the pressure being on me to be “good enough” before seeing “success.”


I love the community and Hilary’s personality. It is fun. light, but down to business and not sugar-coated.

I was so scatter-brained. Trying to do so much and having very little return. I was working on my business during my full-time job — I could easily spend 14 hours + a day working, and making no progress. While I still have not had time to make it through the course, it has given me a new frame to look through and especially “essentialism” has caused me to really access before I say ‘yes’ to things. I love the community and Hilary’s personality. It is fun. light, but down to business and not sugar-coated. Best combo to have in my opinion!


The biggest way my life changed going through Elex was clarity!

The biggest way my life changed going through Elex was clarity! Clarity about what I wanted my life to be so that I could focus my energy instead of having all these ideas that I was chasing after. I saw that some of my ideas weren’t actually going to help me have the life I really want so I could let them go with peace and not with an attitude of failure or giving up.


Hilary’s teachings and worksheets somehow tapped into the heart of what I want.

I’ve been in business for 9 years and after switching from a brick-and-mortar to a home-based model 3 years ago I’ve been working way more hours than I wanted to. Going through ElEx, I really gained a great deal of clarity on what I want for my business. I haven’t had that in years. I’ve put together vision boards and vision statements in the past, but Hilary’s teachings and worksheets somehow tapped into the heart of what I want.


Who is this Hilary dame?

Four years into business, over a million dollars in revenue and 100K in my community, I was a CEO of a company that had “popped”, lots of buzz, an inbox full of delighted students — while I dreamed endlessly of a break. Fresh out of college I had the gumption to audition for a Broadway tour, booked it, had the courage to say yes and move to NYC, where I went onto perform for years with the Radio City Rockettes. Then I did something crazier, and launched a business as a fashion stylist. (Along the way I racked up encouragement — features in Better Homes and Gardens, Cosmopolitan, Nordstrom, styling magazine covers, shoots in Nantucket, hosting a show for Hearst media, plus thousands of clients in style and business.) It took around three and a half years? Four and half? Yesterday? I suppose it’s hard to quantify exactly when you changed, or stopped, or if you’re still healing.  Old habits still creep in. And the more I grow (not my numbers, but my thoughts and emotions) the deeper I want to go in becoming someone truly elegant and excellent.

Fun facts include: Unapologetic Taylor Swift living room dancer. Dreams of 5-ish friends on a boat off the coast of Croatia for three weeks. Smitten Aunt Hil to Devon and Henry. Gets lost in a good book easily. Serious college football fan. Loves Main Street in a small town, vintage shops, long unhurried dinners with great friends, small details and big ideas. Desires at the end of my life to be remembered more as a brilliant friend than a genius business owner.

When Beau and I were sitting in Italy over drinks he said, “I always wanted to be described as a couple that’s elegant — the way they carry themselves, treat people, what they speak about, how they dress — not flashy but elegant”. We’ll take that over hustlers, fast-walkers, big-talkers, fancy personas any day. Excellent. And simple.

Why did I create Elegant Excellence?

Because I’ve been right where you are. The first few years of my business were spent juggling every. little. thing.; pulling all-nighters, saying “yes” to every opportunity, desperately tinkering with my website code at 3 AM before launch day … you get the picture.

And I kept waiting.

For it to get easier. To be less anxious. Fly off the handle less. Be perfect so no one would ever want to quit my company. Heal from these exhausting few years. Until I got tired of being tired. And I decided to stop waiting and start changing.

On the outside it looks easier. It’s hard to share honestly sometimes without sounding like a downer, woe is me so I only share so much on Instagram — not trying to look perfect, but not wanting to sound like a complainer when I discuss the reality of business.

But inside I’ve been burning out fast. And just as often, hearing stories of the same.

Listening to my colleagues talk, I became more determined this wasn’t freedom.

It was captivity. And I could quit (I guess, though the thought doesn’t really cross my mind as an option) or I could forge a better path. So I got to work, hiring experts, opening up to mentors, reading the most powerful books on life design and entrepreneurship, testing to find what worked for me. It’s been a long learning road, with miles to go, but the results have been … breath.

I can finally breathe.

A different story than just six months ago or six months before that …

Not just while on the sabbatical I made possible, but as I shifted back into daily life at home, things are changing.

There’s more hope, not from a place of wishing, but because I’ve done the work to change my story.

More revenue, more margin, less feeling broken, less sprinting. Less hustle, more life …

It’s my dream from day one, finally coming to life …

Let’s do the same for you, shall we?


Doors close Friday, June 16th, at midnight Pacific. The journey begins now.

Deep breath. This is going to change everything.