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Welcome Part 1 of 2

Welcome Part 2 of 2

DAY 1: Monday 21st
Wind, Waves, & Whipped Cream:
Paying Attention to Our thoughts

DAY 2: Tuesday 22nd
The Pity Party’s BFF:
Employing the Gratitude Flip

DAY 3: Wednesday 23rd
Going Granular:
Right & Relevant Goal-Setting

DAY 4: Thursday 24th
Going Grand:
Hope-filled Dreams for Strategic Wins

DAY 5: Friday 25th
Language Matters:
Articulating What You Want

DAY 6: Saturday 26th
Love Actually is All Around:
Gain Perspective on What’s Working

DAY 7: Sunday 27th
The Great Purge:
The 5 layers to Truth

DAY 8: Monday 28th
Carpe Diem:
Short-n-Sweet Acknowledgements

DAY 9: Tuesday 29th
The Sound of Silence:
Embrace the Void

DAY 10: Wednesday 30th
The Movie of Your Life:
Clearly Direct Your Script

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